Common questions:

Do you offer packages?

Yes, I have a list of packages that will meet the needs of most couples. My packages are based on three hours, six hours or all day coverage. I have a complete line of albums both traditional and printed Art Albums. All Art Albums are custom designed; no two are alike. You can view samples on my web site and during your consultation. The package cost is largely dependent on the type of album you decide to buy.

All packages include:

- An Album containing a selection of images.

- Engagement photo session.

- Digital files.

- Consultation time.

- Rehearsal attendance. (if required)

Digital files?

Yes, you will receive an edited selection of high-res images from your wedding day. The images will be color and density corrected ready for printing; saved as tiff or jpeg. Close-ups will be cleaned and any obvious distractions or issues corrected.

Many photographers keep the files forcing you to pay extra for any prints after the wedding; receiving your files will save you money in the long run.

What type of albums do you use?

All of my albums are made by Renaissance. They are among the best in the industry featuring finely crafted leather albums.

Are you available to travel?

Yes, absolutely. I work up and down Vancouver Island, Vancouver and the interior of BC. I’m also available for destination weddings to any location of your choosing. I am based in Victoria BC.

Do you charge extra for travel?

I do not charge extra for travel within the lower Vancouver Island area. However, if I am required to work late and the travel distance is considerable, I may require accommodations.

What type of equipment do you use?

I use professional Nikon digital cameras and prime lenses all purchased brand new and maintained lovingly. I carry as back up two digital and one film body. I also carry a lighting kit for interiors if needed and I always have at least one assistant with me.

Why do you have an assistant?

Wedding photography is time sensitive and often requires moving and holding different types of equipment. Having an assistant helps relieve some of the pressure and allows me to concentrate on creating images.

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a professional photographer for 22 years.

A little on style

Normally Wedding photographers have a preferred style and fall into 1 of 3 categories. They are: Classic, Traditional or Photo journalistic. The photo journalistic style aims to tell the story as it happens. A photojournalist will capture your wedding as it unfolds in an unobtrusive manner. The classic and traditional styles bridge together to capture the romance, affection and mood of the event; if you would like family plus romantic couple’s portraits then the classic / traditional photographer is the way to go.

A really good professional wedding photographer will be equally comfortable in all three styles. However they likely will only excel in one or two.

What is your photography style?

My training is predominately on the commercial and editorial side. I have spent a considerable amount of time creating images for many of the top stock agencies, shooting lifestyle images, as well as working for editorial magazines. Locally I have created countless head shots for actors, models and professional people. Professionally I have a very rounded background.

I’m very comfortable shooting any style.

Do you take Black and White photos?

Yes, and there are two approaches to B&W.

The traditional way, with B&W film. If requested I will shoot B&W film and handprint archival processed fiber based prints for you.

Modern Digital photography. I can produce beautiful B&W or Sepia images from the digital files. I can also create split tone or hand colored effects very easily.

It’s really a personal choice, both ways are beautiful.

What is the engagement photo session for?

Many years ago when I first started shooting weddings I was, admittedly a bit nervous so to put my mind at ease I started doing engagement photo session for every couple. As it turned out this was great way for all involved to get to know each other and at the same time address any concerns. An engagement session is approx 1 ½ hours long.

How do we book our engagement session?

I recommend booking your session 2-3 months before your wedding. If you would like to use one of the photos on your invitations you may need to book sooner. Simply give me a call and a date / time can be arranged.

How much time is needed for photos on the wedding day?

If formal photographs are important to you please use the following as a guide:

- Photos of the Bride/groom before the wedding, allow for minimum of 1 hour.

- The ceremony will take between 20min to 1 hour and an additional 15-30 minutes may be required if a reception line forms outside the church.

- After the ceremony, family portraits require 45 min – 1 hour.

- When working with the Bride, Groom and wedding party at multiple locations please allow 1 ½ to 3 hours.

- Please also keep in mind travel time between locations.

How many photos should I get?

Collections vary in size depending on the length of time. However, as a minimum you will receive:

- Three hour packages – 200 images.

- Six hour packages – 300 images

- All day packages – 500 images

These are only minimum amounts; many of the weddings I shoot receive considerably more.

What happens after the wedding?

Depending on the type of album you have chosen, your images will be ready for either pick-up or viewing within 30 days. If I’m creating a digital art book, I will put together a test album for you to view; from there we can make changes as needed. For out of town couples, I will provide you with a DVD containing the images in your collection to choose from. I will often rework an album 2, 3 even 4 times for couples; I will not print any album until it’s perfect.

How do I order enlargements?

All of my packages include the high resolution files. I will provide you with a DVD containing your collection; you are free to print additional photos at your own cost. Please use only professional labs. Yes, they charge more, however, keep in mind you get what you pay for. If you have your photos printed at the local quickie mart you get quickie mart quality. My service does not end when you pick up your photos, if you need help or would like me to handle your printing I would be happy to.

What if I lose my DVD?

Back up, Back up, and Back up. You’ve hear it all before. I make copies of the DVD’s and also store your images on separate hard drives. As technology moves forward I will continue to archive my files using the latest greatest gadgets. Please do not assume this resource will always be available to you, please take the same precautions and back up your wedding photos.

How soon should I book you?

The most popular dates book up 9 to 18 months in advance so I recommend booking as soon as your date has been finalized. I require a signed contract and a deposit to hold your date. Please call or email me for availability.

How do I book you?

Come in for a consultation. During this time, I will go over the contract and answer all of your questions. I require a deposit equal to one third the total cost. The remaining balance is due one month before your wedding date. I accept cash, and personal checks.

Why do I ask to be paid in full before the wedding? Everyone likes to be paid on time. The hotel, florist, caterer, rentals, etc all ask to be paid in advance, this is just an industry standard.

How much does the average couple spend?

According to the latest statistics, the average couple will spend $22,000.00 on their wedding. Approx 12% of the budget is spent on photography. Below is a ballpark summary of the costs based on discussions with brides, wedding planners and other professionals in the Victoria area. It’s not meant to be a complete list, just an average. (100 guests)

Were the money goes.

Reception Site $8,000 Catering, site set-up, etc

Engagement Ring $3,000

Honeymoon $3,000

Wedding Rings (bands) $1,100

Photography & Video $3000

Rehearsal Dinner $400

Bridal Gown $1000

Bridal Accessories $400 Shoes, jewelry, etc

Bridesmaids / gowns etc $600 Three bridesmaids

Flowers $850

Music $750

Limousines / Transportation $450

Stationery / Invitations $400

Formal wear / rentals $500 for the gentlemen

Outdoor wedding $ 75 – 125 JP and permits

Chapel Wedding $500 – 800 depending on location / time.

Wedding coordinator $450 – 600

Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

When your wedding is all said and done and your memories of the day are fading, the one tangible item remaining will be your wedding photos. Brides and grooms spend months even years preparing for their wedding day, they rely on and place their trust in professionals to make their dreams come true.

“Why should I hire a professional wedding photographer? They charge so much.” This is a question I hear almost daily. My response is simple; would you rely on hobbyist to replace your transmission or upgrade the wiring in your home? Professional photographers not only have the right equipment they also have the training and skills necessary to complete the job. Over the past 10 years I have been confronted with every imaginable scenario, I have the skills, equipment, training and experience to capture your day as it unfolds in a compelling creative way that will last forever.

How to hire a wedding photographer.

There are many wonderful photographers who charge a fair rate, work hard and will work within your budget. Below is a short list on how to narrow your search for a wedding photographer in Victoria, BC.

1. Ask around. Talk to your friends, family and work mates. The very best recommendations are word of mouth or direct referrals. In my own business 2/3’s of the couples who contact me are referred by past clients. Fabulous photography will not go unnoticed; clients, who love their photos, tell the world around them.

2. Most cities will have several online directories to help in your search. Just type in wedding photography, wedding photographer or weddings Victoria. When viewing portfolios online pay close attention to style. Today you can hire specialist in photojournalism, portraiture, fashion, or a generalist to shoot your wedding. Keep in mind if you hire a specialist you will only receive that one style. I believe it’s best to hire a photographer who has a more rounded approach, with training in many disciplines.

3. If possible choose a wedding photographer from the area where you’re getting married. Local photographers know the lay of the land, lighting conditions, the best locations and the times of day to shoot them. They’re also connected with other professional in the industry and can offer recommendations.

4. If possible meet with the photographer. Viewing an online portfolio can only tell you so much. When you meet, do you feel comfortable with the person? Remember the photographer will be with you all day. When you’re looking at their work are the photos sharp, properly exposed and printed to a high quality? If the images look dull, blurry or have questionable color it’s not a good sign – you should run for the door.

5. When you meet ask what’s included in the cost? Are there any extra hidden fees or costs involved? The average wedding will require 10-15 hours of post production work, so knowing what’s included up front will help eliminate misunderstandings.

6. Ask if the photos you are seeing have been taken by the photographer? While this may seem obvious, many studios have multiple photographers on staff assigned to weddings as needed. Some photographers will even hire a second shooter or assistant who also takes photos; images from multiple photographers can end up in finished albums confusing the consumer.

7. You may have to spend a little more to hire a talented photographer but it’s worth it. I often question couples who are spending $12,000.00 on catering and only budgeting $1500.00 for photography. What lasts longer? The commitment lasts forever, so do the photos. The food – not so long.

By now you’ve likely noticed that I have not mentioned cost. Unfortunately as you go through the process of meeting and interviewing photographers you will come to the conclusion the amount a photographer charges rarely indicates quality of work.

Fantastic work and mediocre work often costs the same. Why is that? Photography is an art and each artist charges what they feel they are worth. Professionals base their fees on experience, reputation, abilities, tangible things etc. Amateurs feel they should just charge the going rate. Beware of amateurs.